Energy Efficiency

Power Quality Upgrades
Voltage optimisation

Australia’s power supply is fluctuates and varies in voltage due to the long distances covered by poles and wires and old distribution networks designed to operate at a higher voltage. This situation is compounded by the widespread intensive use of air conditioning units. Often the voltage supplied is much higher than what is required – often up to 255V or more per phase. By correcting the voltage we can lower the amount of energy consumed by electric motors including air conditioning and refrigeration by up to 10%.

If a site is being supplied at a higher voltage than necessary it will result in wasted energy, higher electricity bills, power quality issues and increased wear and reduced lifespan of electrical equipment.

Voltage optimisation technologies are installed in series between the distribution transformer and the main low voltage distribution board, allowing all of the consumer’s electrical equipment to benefit from an optimised power supply.

Power factor correction

Power factor is the difference between real power and apparent power. Apparent power is the power the network sees and real power is the power used on site. By correcting the power factor we can reduce demand/capacity charges by up to 10%. We do this by working out the difference between the real power and apparent power and installing capacitors to correct the demand to what is actually needed to operate various appliances.

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