Minimise Rates

Network Tariff Optimisation

Network charges account for about half of the average electricity bill and through our Network Tariff Optimisation service, we will make sure that you are not paying more than you need to.

Network charges are set by distributors to offset the cost of delivering electricity through poles and wires from generator to customer. They are approved by the Australian Energy Regulator.

Each distributor has its own set of complicated tariffs and charges and many businesses make the mistake of accepting the costs at face value. Or experts at Leading Edge have the knowledge base to sift through the data and regularly review the tariffs that your business is paying.

We will compare the tariff that you are currently paying against all other available tariffs to make sure that the charges you are paying are the lowest possible charges by comparing your usage data against the eligibility criteria for every other tariff. Leading Edge experts will then send you a report that is easy to understand, outlining if and where savings can be made.

We will then contact your supplier and renegotiate terms and request that your business is put onto a lower tariff scheme.

Client Outcomes:

Expert advice on tariff optimisation
Report with detailed forecast of quantified savings
Save time dealing with energy retailers

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