Monitoring & Account Management

Monthly Usage and Error Checks

In our experience, 1 in 20 invoices which we analyse contain some form of billing error, network tariff mis-allocation or anomaly that requires further investigation.

Why? Simple, it happens because the quality of invoicing in the Australian retail electricity industry is poor.

Large market electricity invoices are complicated by design and unless you have an in depth understanding or knowledge of the billing system, it is next to impossible to identify an error. This is why many instances of overcharging go unnoticed.

Our solution

Our invoice validation service is designed to protect you from billing errors and network tariff anomalies. We provide this complimentary service to all of our commercial and industrial electricity clients.

Our expert cost analysts assess and enter the content of each invoice into our invoice validation system (Energin) to ensure that everything is in order and in line with the retail supply agreement. All exceptions are investigated and errors resolved on your behalf. We will make sure that you are not paying one cent extra than you should be on your bills.

The validation process includes a review of:

  1. Energy charges;
  2. Network charges
  3. Environmental charges
  4. Market charges (AEMO)
  5. Metering and service charges
  6. Line losses
How does it work?

As part of our commitment to deliver a quality service and outcome, all large market electricity clients are invited to submit an invoice for a complimentary assessment. Should you wish to continue to benefit from the service, this can be arranged on a fee for service basis. Prices start from $80 + GST per annum.

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