Energy Efficiency

Heating & Cooling Upgrades

A huge chunk of electricity costs stem from heating or cooling systems. Whether you are an office based business or are involved in food processing, a lot of your energy costs are attributed to air conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems.

Leading Edge constantly evaluates the market for the best and most efficient natural refrigerant based systems on the market which we recommend. Using hydrocarbon refrigerants blends rather than synthetic refrigerants can result in savings of between 17 and 38% on energy.

When it comes to air conditioning units, we can audit your business space and recommend the optimal heating and cooling output. Over laboured systems work harder and therefore consume more energy in the process while under utilised power results in poor efficiency as well as a bigger capital expenditure.

We will identify the ideal system for your business to save you money on the spot and in the long term. We also recommend innovative upgrades to air conditioning and HVAC units which can reduce consumption by 20 to 60%.

Upgrades to refrigeration systems such as variable-speed drives to control compressor and fan motors to run at a lower frequency in quiet periods.

We also offer expert advice on maintenance of units as well as simple tips to improve efficiency and extend the lifespan of the devices.

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