Minimise Rates

Group and Multi-site Tenders
Group Retail Energy Tenders

Pooling resources can often result in a much better outcome for all involved parties. This is why Leading Edge Energy offers an innovative Group Tender service for clients who wish to pool together to secure a better energy deal all round.

Our experts will combine a portfolio of consumption, demand patterns and other relevant information before putting together a report and call for tender to energy retailers.

We will do all the required analysis and present a range of offers to unrelated parties which will benefit as a result of more capital and strength in numbers.
We will help all parties concerned manage risk and business operating expenditure, so each client can spend more time focusing on running their business, rather than trying to fathom the complexities of wholesale and retail energy markets.

Multi Site Retail Energy Tenders

We also cater for businesses which have more than one premises or site that need electricity supply. In doing so, we identify the best deals out there and present them with the benefits of lower rates, through spreading the cost-load across all sites involved.

Using our leverage with all major energy retailers results in market leading outcomes for our clients. Our professional and dedicated approach to getting results is based on a detailed process of analysis, negotiation, evaluation, reporting and quality assurance.

Leading Edge’s strong relationship with all energy retailers results in consistent and tangible energy cost reduction outcomes for our valued clients. Through our tried and tested systems and processes in place we can execute a highly competitive and time-bound tender on your behalf.

Our procurement service is comprised of a detailed process of analysis, negotiation, evaluation, reporting and quality assurance.

Having already performed a bill audit and identified account optimisation opportunities, we then issue Quote Requests to retailers. Leading Edge’s expert team interprets and evaluate the retailers’ proposals in order to create a condensed Leading Edge Electricity Supply Proposal, specific to your needs. We rank all offers, with cost movement analysis and provide our recommendation of which offer best suits your business needs.

Offers have strict expiry deadlines, and it is paramount that the client selects an offer before the expiry date.

  • Energy quotes: Basic energy brokerage service conducted directly with energy retailers of your choice.
  • Individual contract tenders: A competitive time-bound formal and objective tender process where all energy retailer are invited to participate under fixed terms.
  • Multi-site contract tenders: The same process as an individual tender, with the added scale and leverage afforded by have a portfolio of related sites.
  • Group tenders: The same process as the multi-site tenders, however the sites in the tender are generally under separate unrelated ownership. Our focus in these tenders is to deliver discounts on the fixed cost component of client electricity invoices.
  • Blend & extend negotiation: We assist with improving energy contract terms when energy retailers are prepared to make an offer of this nature.
  • Energy contract novations: We assist with the negotiation and administration process involved in transfer an energy contract when a site changes ownership.
Client Outcomes:

Market leading energy rates
Improved risk management
Improved understanding of business energy contracts
Detailed quantified savings and offer comparison report
Best practice management; Offers presented on a like-for-like basis
Benefit from our established and long-standing retailer relationships
Benefit from our established tendering system
Contract execution with administration services included
Significant time-cost savings

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