Monitoring & Account Management

Detailed Consumption Analysis

Our monitoring and reporting services will identify when and where you are consuming electricity, water and gas.

Our 24/7 online reporting portal will give you close to real time results, detailed email reports as well as alerts in the event of abnormal consumption.

These tools will help you take direct control of your consumption and identify any problem areas.

Client benefits:
Changes in consumption Displays daily, weekly or monthly kWh usage for the date range selected, as well as the the differences in consumption between each daily, weekly and monthly period.
Time Interval Displays energy usage at the base report aggregation level in easy to understand graphic form.
Calendar Provides a daily energy usage summary in graphic form for selected months.
Site Overlay Shows a direct comparison of kWh in a graphic form between selected periods.
Baseline Comparison Shows a direct comparison of energy usage across selected months in years, weeks or days.
Time of Use Shows how energy usage is distributed across set time intervals: Peak, off peak or shoulder periods.
CO2 Emissions Estimates the amount of carbon dioxide emissions produced by energy consumed.
Demand Highlights the times of highest energy demand.
Tabular (standard) Displays an easy to understand table showing energy use at report aggregation level.
CSV/Excel Report Exports energy usage data in the format of your choice.

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