We helped Bishop’s Real Estate save $15,000 per year in network tariffs

Bishop’s Real Estate

Network tariffs are set by the network provider, and are non-negotiable. That being said, incorrect tariffs are often applied to businesses that can cost them thousands per annum.

Bishop’s Real Estate engaged Leading Edge Energy to procure their next contracts, and in the process, we identified that three of their accounts were set up on an incorrect network tariff.
In total, due to the tariff changes, three businesses which are managed by Bishop’s Real Estate, reduced their energy spend by $15’000 per annum due as a result of network tariff changes.

Tariffs Changed & Savings:

· Filetron (EA305 to EA225) Saving of $5’000 per annum
· Filetron 2 (EA305 to EA302) Saving of $5’000 per annum
· Sydney Olympic Park Office (EA310 to EA302) Saving of $5’000 per annum

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