The Sir Joseph Banks Hotel – Botany Road, Sydney

Energy Management consultant: Ewen Beard

Like many other businesses in Australia, The Sir Joseph Banks Hotel found itself locked into an unfair Direct Metering Agreement.
The Banks Hotel committed to a 24 month electricity supply contract and was saddled into a 60 month DMA, meaning that they were essentially paying for a service that they were not even getting, way beyond their contract expired.

What we did
Leading Edge Energy was tasked with procuring energy for the Sir Joseph Banks Hotel as their previous contract was about to expire. We did this and we also proposed a new DMA for the hotel. Leading Edge Energy does things differently and our DMAs only run for the duration of the electricity provision contract. We only renew them if our client decides that they want us to secure them a new energy contract.
Through legal channels, we terminated the previous DMA and offered our client a new, and fair deal.

What they saved
In their previous contract, the Sir Joseph Banks Hotel was paying highly inflated DMA fees of $3,390 per year, locked in for five years. After signing on with Leading Edge Energy, The Sir Joseph Banks is now paying $900 per year in metering fees. That is a direct saving of $2,490 per year!

Why choose Leading Edge Energy?
Leading Edge Energy is built on transparency and trust. We are energy cost reduction specialists focused on helping businesses minimise their dependence on grid-sourced electricity.
Our approach to energy management delivers tangible energy cost savings by helping businesses plan, prioritise and deliver strategies to minimise energy rates, minimise energy waste (energy efficiency) and maximise generation and storage opportunities.
We also provide ongoing monitoring and reporting solutions to help our business clients identify opportunities and monitor the implemented solutions.

Save $$$ money. We charge an annual fee for our services which include monitoring, reporting, procurement, energy efficiency and solar tenders
We verify your bills to make sure you have not been overcharged
We ensure your retail and metering agreements end on the same date
We use live reports to identify opportunities where your business can save money on energy

Want to learn more about Direct Metering Agreements?
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